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Service Fees


Below are what we offer at First American Bank
Cashier’s Checks$3.00
Money Order$2.00
Stop Payment Fees$25.00
OD/Paid NSF Item Charge$29.95
Return NSF Item Charge$29.95
Return ItemCharge Back $2.00
Overdraftsafter 5 business days $3.00 per day
Account Activity Printout$2.00
Account Research$25.00
Photo copies$.25
Outgoing Collections$5.00
Incoming Collections$5.00
Outgoing Wire$12.50 + Corresp Charge
Incoming Wire12.50
Incoming Wire Non Customer1% min of $15.00
Notary Fee Non Customer$5.00
Zipper Bag$5.00
Night Deposit Bag  (Lock) $25.00
Additional Coupon Book Request$5.00
Cashier’s Checks
Money Order
Stop Payment Fees
OD/Paid NSF Item Charge
Return NSF Item Charge
Return Item
Charge Back $2.00
after 5 business days $3.00 per day
Account Activity Printout
Account Research
Photo copies
Outgoing Collections
Incoming Collections
Outgoing Wire
$12.50 + Corresp Charge
Incoming Wire
Incoming Wire Non Customer
1% min of $15.00
Notary Fee Non Customer
Zipper Bag
Night Deposit Bag  (Lock)
Additional Coupon Book Request

ATM Service

We offer ATM service at our Main Bank 301 West Main, Stonewall, Oklahoma (Located behind the bank at the Drive Thru) and inside the Kountry Store in Tupelo, Oklahoma (Located on Highway 48).


Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates on CD’s, and Savings accounts. Interest rates change on a daily basis, call your First American Bank office at (580) 265-4222.



Enjoy private, easy, and convenient banking from your touch tone telephone.

  • Checking Balances and History
  • Savings Balances and History
  • Pending ACH and Auto Debit Transactions
  • C.D. Information
  • Loan Information
  • Funds Transfers
  • Loan Payments
  • End of Year Interest Paid

24-Hour Banking Convenience

Easy transfers between checking, savings, and loans. Banking made easy from any touch tone telephone Call us at (580) 265-9567 to do your banking at any time or place.


Bank from any computer with a web browser. All activity remains, private, confidential, and secure. Contact the Bank for an application.

  • Account Balances and Additional Information
  • Pending ACH and Auto Debit Transactions
  • Funds Transfers
  • Loan Payments
  • Helpful Web Links
  • Much More



  • Real Estate Loans – Let our bank help you buy a home!
  • Consumer Loans – Buy a new car or go on a vacation with the help of a personal consumer loan!
  • Commercial Loans – Expand your existing business or start up a new business!
  • Agriculture – Livestock, real estate, and machinery and equipment loans!

Bank regulations require all Federal-agency regulated institutions to annually register their Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO) with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS). Please contact one of our registered MLO's to help you with your mortgage needs today!!!
Jackie Linn Bley1861588

First American Bank

MLO Name
Jackie Linn Bley

First American Bank


Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are available at our Main Bank in Stonewall, Oklahoma.
Our boxes are available in sizes:

  • 3 x 5
  • 3 x 10
  • 5 x 10
  • 10 x 10
  • 12 x 12.

Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental

3”x 5”$15.00
3”x 10”$30.00
5”x 10”$45.00
10”x 10”$65.00
12”x 12”$75.00
Lost Key$25.00
Drill Box CostDrill Cost + 10.00
3”x 5”
3”x 10”
5”x 10”
10”x 10”
12”x 12”
Lost Key
Drill Box Cost
Drill Cost + 10.00

Visa Check Card


Card Types

Card TypeFee
VISA Check/ATM card $1.00 monthly cardholder fee per card
Replacement VISA Check/ATM Card$10.00 per card
Card Type
VISA Check/ATM card 
$1.00 monthly cardholder fee per card
Replacement VISA Check/ATM Card
$10.00 per card
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